About Me

With a B.A. in, and several years experience as a social worker, I have always been passionate about leading others, especially women, to wholeness. Since childhood, I have understood that true healing comes by knowing God and as a result, have shared God’s love earnestly with everyone I meet. In order to deepen my understanding of his Word, I began pursuing a MA in Biblical Studies especially gravitating towards spiritual formation. Succeeding as a self-motivated business executive (in the direct sales industry—my marketplace mission field) for several years, I delighted in developing women into dynamic leaders and watching them discover their potential.

Whether it is one on one, in a small group, or from a podium, I fight with a holy enthusiasm for the hearts of God’s beloved children. Be it embarking on a faith journey to adopt my fiery daughter from Taiwan or following my husband as a military spouse to new horizons, my life is one adventure after another. My most recent faith-walk has been learning to trust God in the midst of a newly discovered genetic disorder presenting me with the opportunity rely on him like never before. I was invited to write as a guest blogger on spiritual formation for Upper Room Community Church as well as on women’s issues for The Father’s House (a church of 7,000 people in 3 cities, where I also teach spiritual formation bi-monthly). I also enjoy spreading God’s love over the internet via Facebook (with 1,690 friends), Instagram (with over 500 followers), and Twitter.